We use iLead to generate hot leads – i.e. brand new user data – and to thereby transform advertising contacts directly into client data.

Our quality guarantee

The leads pass through a multi-step validation process to ensure they are of the required high quality.

Your campaign’s success

With iLead, you only pay for each valid data record, which is what makes our service so popular, transparent and free from financial risk.


“We chose ad pepper media as a long-term partner to support us with our engagement marketing activities in preparation for the launch of the VW Tiguan because they are one of the leading providers of performance-based automotive campaigns. Our targets were met and we are extremely happy with our ongoing working relationship.”

Annunziata Passarello, Group Head AMAG Digital, MediaCom Schweiz

“We decided to work with ad pepper media because in terms of quality they are one of the most successful lead generation providers in the area of encouraging people to book test drives online and they have more than 16 years of experience. Above all, we were highly impressed by the full-service package, quality of the leads and the end reporting.”

Milosz Lipski, Senior Digital Consultant Mediacom Switzerland

“By working with ad pepper media, we have fully met our client’s objectives and more than exceeded their expectations. Thanks to the full-service package, we have successfully increased the size of the newsletter database used by the Bergbahnen Kleinwalsertal Oberstdorf cable car operator and gained new high-quality subscribers for our client.”

Julia Schmidt, Senior Project Manager, Saint Elmo’s Tourismusmarketing

iLead is a piece of technology developed by ad pepper for the generation of data records.

We use iLead to generate hot leads – i.e. brand new contact data – and to thereby transform advertising contacts directly into client data.

You can use this client data for a variety of purposes, e.g. new email addresses can be used for targeted newsletter marketing, telephone numbers for telemarketing or postal addresses for sending catalogues or brochures.

Your benefits – our core service

  • Our system only delivers valid data – no fake entries such as Mickey Mouse & Co.

  • GDPR compliant

  • Lead generation tailored to your campaign

  • Multi-step validation process for all acquired leads

  • By only paying for genuine user data, you incur no financial risk with iLead and can be confident that you are only targeting prospective new clients

Our products and services

Breaking boundaries in performance marketing since 1999 – true to this motto, we always develop the most efficient products and services for you so that your company’s online marketing helps you to stay a step ahead of the competition.


Our customisable, transparent and risk-free product for your lead campaign.


Our content targeting product places your advert where it will have the greatest possible impact.

Performance Display

Performance display advertising increases your sales through user targeting.


Expand your reach using newsletters, push notifications and more.

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