It is night in Nuremberg, the last workaholics leave the office but the Peppers are just about to get started. A few weeks ago, ad pepper Marketing Manager Alina visited a six-hour boot camp but this time her colleague Bianca is doing the “night shift”. Topic of the night: New trends in the social media world, found at the Social Media Night of the Nürnberg Digital Festival in the Museum of Communications.

The event was sold out several weeks in advance. Nuremberg is quite motivated when it comes to social media trends. Before the lectures begin, all participants are faced with a choice: If there was only one social media platform left, which one would you choose?

You could choose between Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The choice was not easy because each platform is interesting in its own way. Nevertheless, the majority of the 130 participants picked Instagram.

And the winner is… Instagram

The night starts with entrepreneur Magdalena Muttenthaler speaking about how to stay visible and other challenges that await us on Facebook & Co. in the upcoming year.

She says that it is not only about being present on all platforms. Each network is individual, addresses different types of users and has different algorithms. Therefore, not every content, every text type or every image works equally well on different platforms.

Magdalena’s advice: Work with existing platforms such as Buffer, SproutSocial or AgoraPulse to plan platform-specific content.

To create content, the entrepreneur recommends using moving images and audio media such as podcasts. Her answer to the question how to stand out of the mass nowadays is simple: Ensure a uniform appearance.

Create your look!

Corporate Design is famous for company presentations, give-aways, website appearances and so on, so why not using it for social media platforms? A design-oriented visual language, CD-styled stories on Instagram as well as the integration of logos and corporate fonts not only have a high recognition value, but are also striking.

Inner values also count. For not running out of ideas, Magdalena gives the advice to social media managers to develop “repetitive series”. We at ad pepper are already using this method for two years on our social platforms.

Our series are the Pepper Findings, The three Facts and our “Hot Pepper Recipes” – always including and presenting our trademark, the three peppers and thanks to the repititon we are catching the user’s attention.

Another strong recommendation by Magdalena is cross promotion. To give us an example of how it works, she shows how to integrate a social media part into the newsletter.

User-generated content rocks!

Social Media Manager Theresa Kraus tells us how to heat up your Instagram account. She started the successful campaign #fuerimmo at Immowelt. Influencers, bloggers & micro-fluencers were supposed to post pictures of their apartments using the unique hashtag that leads to Immowelt’s Instagram page. This did not only increases the reach, but also the user’s attention to the products.

The real estate website actually managed to generate 20,000 followers for their Instagram account. The campaign was preceded by a social media makeover but nevertheless, the #fuerimmo hashtag has given the company growth of the community. The followers are correspondingly active.

Theresa’s key take-away: “Give your profile a personal touch”. For example with pictures of team members the users get a much more personal connection and this gives the account more emotion.

Not just another food blog!

Uwe Spitzmüller is living his dream: His own cook blog Highfoodality has been successfully online for 10 years. And it is even just his hobby!

Admittedly, as business computer scientist he has the skills to create a website, but his 120,000 readers per month appreciate mainly that he remains true to himself.

This includes a high recognition value of his photos and the selection of high-quality ingredients. The hobby chef’s motto is to offer users added value. Uwe concludes his presentation with the words “Stick to your priorities and create epic shit!“

We definitely gained a taste for it!