Project Description

ad pepper Case Study Nissan Lead Generierung

The Challenge

With the new campaign “talking plain text“ Nissan started an innovative advertising campaign with attractive incentives for new clients purchasing a new car.

The Goal

To gain qualified leads for test drives that ideally end up with the purchase of a new car.

The Solution

The generation of a high number of leads via a lead campaign running over nine months

Qualification of these leads via a microsite and having them professionally captured: With the result of 980 prospective customers wanting to make a test drive.

One week after ending the campaign a survey among 200 of the interested customers had been carried out.

The Result

1.  27 out of the surveyed persons already took their test drive. 70% of these found their test drive to be very good to good.

2. 11% out of the questioned participants signed a purchase contract right after their test drive

3.  More than one third plans to buy a car within the next 6 months. Further 26% left the decision for purchase open.

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