The slightly different protocol to the presentation “Digital marketing trends and their challenges” by Susanne Pilz at the Nürnberg Digital Festival 2018.

Date: 16th October 2018
Location: PARKS, Nuremberg
Event: Nürnberg Digital Festival 2018

08.15 AM:

It is a sunny October morning when the first guests are already queuing in front of Café Parks in Nuremberg. A motley crowd of digitally interested people from various industries enters the location and wants to take a seat on their chairs. But wait, what was placed here? Some “Pixel-glasses” for the digital view, as well as a piece of paper with a QR code. What might this be useful for? The answer to this must wait, because the free buffet has just been declared open!
Pretzels with butter, fresh fruit, croissants and coffee counteract the hunger and tiredness of the early morning hours. But we would not be in the digital age, if the whole thing did not have a catch: The visitors commit to accepting our cookies upon entering the hall. So first, a monstrous pile of chocolate cookies has to be eaten until the lecture begins.

08.53 AM:

Susanne Pilz enters the stage and looks into the filled rows. The crowd is excitedly awaiting the opening of the presentation. Absolute silence. You could hear a pin drop. Because the microphone does not work.
How should it be different? A lecture without technical hurdles is not a serious lecture anyway.
After a short repair, Susanne Pilz can not only say: “I speak Digital!” But is also heard by the audience.

08:55 AM:

After a brief introduction to ad pepper media (a bit of self-promotion has to be allowed when you’re already on stage), it’s already getting started with the digital marketing trends and their challenges. Some buzzwords such as Smart Data, RTA, RTB and User Based Advertising are projected onto the screen.
But now Susanne Pilz wants to know if the audience can think of even more online marketing terms that they would like to have explained. Suggestions are now digitally accepted – as befits a Nuremberg Digital Festival.
Oh yes, there was this note with the QR code on each seat. Of course, in a lecture on digital marketing, the analogue index finger will be replaced by the smartphone. The guests have already scanned the QR via camera and interactively connected with the presentation. Buzzwords are now typed in the mobile phone in a timely manner and displayed in a Word Cloud on the screen at the end of the presentation.
Digital magic!

09.00 AM:

How will digitalisation and online marketing develop? In order to answer this question, Susanne Pilz focuses on the terms content marketing, social media marketing and profiling.
Due to the increasing amount of data, the motto already is: From Big Data to Smart Data. Thus, the behavior of the user will be extremely important, especially in the future.

09.10 Uhr:

Susanne Pilz takes a look into the past, when banners were still sent by fax. Do we feel a touch of nostalgia?
Nonetheless, we are glad that Real Time Bidding (a kind of Ebay marketplace for banner ad placements) is making life easier for us marketers nowadays.
Long live the progress!

09.12 AM:

Our event is the victim of a vandal. A passing dog has decided, without further warning, to raze a banner of the Nuremberg Digital Festival in front of the entrance. Apparently, he isn’t a fan of digitalization…

09:15 Uhr:

I draw the audience joker!
Susanne Pilz would like to know which social platform has priority for our guests.
After the listeners typed their answer into the smartphone in an old “Who wants to Be a Millionaire?”-manner, we see the clear result on the screen: Facebook leads the field with 38%, followed by Instagram.

09.20 AM:

There must be a villain in every story. In our case it is GDPR – the horror of all online marketers! And it also brings its right hand, the ePrivacy regulation.
Brace yourselves, 2019 is coming!

09.23 AM:

Nobody wants a story without a happy ending. That’s why Susanne Pilz ends the talk with the hottest digital trends like 5G technology in mobile communications or the impressive 360 degree ads.

09.26 AM:

After discussing the buzzwords entered by the audience at the beginning of the presentation, Susanne Pilz also answers questions about various subjects such as chatbots, whatsapp advertising, lookalike targeting and social media analysis tools in a joint discussion.
After a bit of networking and eating the rest of the buffet, it is now a good opportunity to ask the audience how they liked the presentation:

“I learned a lot of new things today. I found the lecture very interesting and understandable for laymen.”

“At the university, I took subjects such as content marketing and storytelling. For me, Instagram is number one, so I found it exciting to hear that Facebook may still be the leader in the social space.”