A few months ago, ad pepper discovered the running club Laufclub21 from Fürth and was immediately into their projects.

“I can run and I run towards you”

Laufclub21 is a running club that is specialised on integrating runners with Down syndrome in endurance sport. The club finds new ways of planning training sessions and shares its knowledge and experience with others.

Since 2007, the charitable organisation has trained more than 50 athletes and prepared them for running competitions. In order to reach this goal, running partners are conveyed by the club. One experienced coach and one running partner with Down syndrome train together. Moreover, group trainings take place on a regular basis.

The highlight of Laufclub21’s annual planning is the marathon race „ING-Marathon“ on the occasion of World Down Syndrome Day.

A great club with interesting and important projects that lives from voluntary commitment!

Ad pepper’s expertise for Laufclub21

In autumn last year, we decided to contact Laufclub21’s initiator Anita Kinle to offer our support. It is her wish to improve the club’s perception and to generate awareness for the association goals at a greater range. She hopes that people with Down syndrome are appreciated as humans and athletes with a matter of course.

How can the digital experts at ad pepper help best? Exactly, by taking over a part of the Laufclub21’s online presence. Therefore we agreed on taking over their social media activity, more precisely the design and the content development of their Facebook fan page.

Social media is a powerful tool for voluntary associations to share their concern and to connect and stay in touch with their members and fans. However, a successful online presence is a challenge especially for smaller clubs like Laufclub21. That’s why we created an editorial plan and a communication plan for them. In there we define the content and the design of the page, collect ideas and plan the postings. Moreover, we show them how to extend reach of the postings with small tricks. The most important thing is, that each posting contains a message. For example the club’s successes, a behind the scenes or background information on upcoming events.

Our commitment is a major help for Anita Kinle and her whole team: „Fresh, modern and based on research. Ad pepper’s work for Laufclub21 is well structured and professional, theme-oriented and detailed“.

Running, laughing, doing something good

The voluntary work for Laufclub21 is a matter of heart for ad pepper’s managing director Susanne Pilz: „The cooperation is an honourable task. It brings us great joy to support a local club with our knowledge and experience“.