iLead: Lead Generierung, iSense: Display, mailpepper: Newsletter, Performance-Display-Advertising

Services and Solutions

We are helping our clients to reach their target audience and achieve their unique goals. Our way of working: Analysis, consultation, definition of targets, conception, creation, programming and professional campaign management. Combined with a global approach.

Neukundengewinnung ohne Werberisiko

Lead Generation

Gain new leads without financial risk. You only pay for valid leads which are qualified in a multi-step process using our iLead technology.

Direktansprache von definierten Zielgruppen

Email Marketing

Through email marketing clients can communicate with users based on granular segmentation, in order to connect and engage with their target audiences.

Reichweite ohne Streuverluste, zielgruppengenau


Branding and awareness effects via wide-reaching campaigns in an independent network portfolio of high quality websites. We reach your target group with diverse options for targeting. A multitude of data with different characteristics is being filtered by data specialists. Valuable insights are gained from this data and utilized for optimal and successful campaign management. All campaigns are run in a brand safe environment.

Nur wer seinen Kunden kennt, kann ihn auch mit der richtigen Werbung ansprechen


Increase the effectiveness of your advertising campaign thanks to a solution for optimized user targeting. The user’s behavior and consumption are analyzed and this data is used to optimize and prepare the campaign, leading to increased turnover and greater sales.


We are looking for more cooperation partners who would like to help us with advertising campaigns. Do you have an interesting portfolio that includes appealing ad placements? Or are you a developer of innovative technologies designed to deliver online advertising?

If so, we can offer you exclusive ad campaigns for our premium customers from the performance display area.