Project Description

SOS Kinderdörfer weltweit

The Challenge

The challenge was to create a block based full-responsive template. Our client was able to exchange the content within the template independently, display or hide certain parts and define visibility for certain target groups.

The Goal

The goal was to create a completely new newsletter template for “SOS Kinderdörfer weltweit” which could be used for worldwide user communication. The template had to be designed, programmed and adapted to eventually upload it to the customer’s newsletter system.

The Solution

The solution was an adaptable modular built template, which can be adapted depending on situational factors. Thereby ad pepper media managed to programm  the responsive design for “SOS Kinderdörfer weltweit” and furthermore took over the task to thoroughly verify the operatability at the end.

The Result

Reporters of “SOS Kinderdörfer weltweit” received a fully functional and flexible template with easy operatability. The template could be used for world wide user communication.

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