Project Description

ad pepper Case Study o2 (Telefonica) Lead Generierung

The Challenge

The telecommunications company o2 wanted to expand its position on the highly competitive mobile phone market in Germany. As a part of Telefónica Germany, o2 planned to boost numbers for its new customer segment using online marketing measures.

The Goal

ad pepper media used a lead generation campaign to acquire potential new customers for ‘o2 Loop,’ a prepaid offering of the o2 brand. The number of ordered and activated SIM cards was to be used as the metric for the campaign’s success.

The Solution

An intensive analysis of the customer journey indicated that users consume more and more on their mobile devices. Therefore, the customer’s landing page was redesigned and reconfigured to feature a responsive design and the corresponding user navigation.

The Result

The performance level, which was based on the daily number of orders and activations, jumped greatly through the optimization measures, by 37 percent. This increase was primarily attributed to mobile traffic.