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Social media marketing is not a hobby!

Event: Social Media Marketing Bootcamp, November 10th, 2018

Location: Design Offices Nuremberg

„Until 2021 videos will make up 80% of content on social platforms“, predicts Lucas Hoffmann as he starts the six-hour Social Media Bootcamp with this claim. „Lucas who?“, you‘re probably asking yourself. Lucas Hoffmann is a Digital Growth Strategist and entrepreneur, regularly consulting companies on social media and inspiring participants with live shows and workshop programs –  and so do our pepper marketing ladies Bianca and Alina.

The Bootcamp is fully booked, all participants are eager to learn from the expert. Lucas starts with the basics of a good performance in social media. This means first and foremost, working out the right social media strategy. The social media expert therefore urges everyone to set long-term goals for a period of six months and underpin these with short-term goals.

Tweets, posts, uploads – how to do it right.

Closely linked to the strategy is the right choice of platform(s). Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or something completely different? Many social media managers are faced with this question. Lucas has a very clear opinion: You can serve as many channels as you want, but all with the same intensity, passion and joy! In plain language, this means deleting channels that are only half-heartedly looked after. “You have a Youtube channel and haven’t uploaded a video for half a year? Delete it,” Lucas says resolutely. The expert’s motto is: inspire fans, establish trust, do business. However, the most important phase “establishing trust” falls by the wayside for many companies and is still so important, because over 50 percent of purchase decisions are influenced by social media.

If you want to build up a large online community with a high organic reach, you have to offer the follower added value. The best way to do this is to follow the motto “integration instead of presentation”. This means that you should not only be present photos and texts to the users, but also actively involve them through questions, votes and competitions.

Measuring success – drawing consequences.

Onliners analyse and monitor campaigns as a matter of course in order to achieve the best possible success. But very few do the same for social media. Lucas Hoffmann’s advice: Evaluate the posted content of the last seven days on a weekly basis using a traffic light system, for example. What went well, what moderately and what badly? In this way, badly running categories can be completely replaced or reconsidered.
Finally, Lucas reveals the recipes for success for the various platforms and presents many helpful – often free – tools for managing all accounts in social networks (for example: buffer.com). After a long but efficient day, Lucas finally dismisses his audience with the words: “Get to work, because social media is not a hobby!“

P.S. For more social media tips please contact us.

2018-11-16T13:35:59+01:0016. November 2018|Blog|

I speak Digital!

The slightly different protocol to the presentation “Digital marketing trends and their challenges” by Susanne Pilz at the Nürnberg Digital Festival 2018.

Date: 16th October 2018
Location: PARKS, Nuremberg
Event: Nürnberg Digital Festival 2018

08.15 AM:

It is a sunny October morning when the first guests are already queuing in front of Café Parks in Nuremberg. A motley crowd of digitally interested people from various industries enters the location and wants to take a seat on their chairs. But wait, what was placed here? Some “Pixel-glasses” for the digital view, as well as a piece of paper with a QR code. What might this be useful for? The answer to this must wait, because the free buffet has just been declared open!
Pretzels with butter, fresh fruit, croissants and coffee counteract the hunger and tiredness of the early morning hours. But we would not be in the digital age, if the whole thing did not have a catch: The visitors commit to accepting our cookies upon entering the hall. So first, a monstrous pile of chocolate cookies has to be eaten until the lecture begins.

08.53 AM:

Susanne Pilz enters the stage and looks into the filled rows. The crowd is excitedly awaiting the opening of the presentation. Absolute silence. You could hear a pin drop. Because the microphone does not work.
How should it be different? A lecture without technical hurdles is not a serious lecture anyway.
After a short repair, Susanne Pilz can not only say: “I speak Digital!” But is also heard by the audience.

08:55 AM:

After a brief introduction to ad pepper media (a bit of self-promotion has to be allowed when you’re already on stage), it’s already getting started with the digital marketing trends and their challenges. Some buzzwords such as Smart Data, RTA, RTB and User Based Advertising are projected onto the screen.
But now Susanne Pilz wants to know if the audience can think of even more online marketing terms that they would like to have explained. Suggestions are now digitally accepted – as befits a Nuremberg Digital Festival.
Oh yes, there was this note with the QR code on each seat. Of course, in a lecture on digital marketing, the analogue index finger will be replaced by the smartphone. The guests have already scanned the QR via camera and interactively connected with the presentation. Buzzwords are now typed in the mobile phone in a timely manner and displayed in a Word Cloud on the screen at the end of the presentation.
Digital magic!

09.00 AM:

How will digitalisation and online marketing develop? In order to answer this question, Susanne Pilz focuses on the terms content marketing, social media marketing and profiling.
Due to the increasing amount of data, the motto already is: From Big Data to Smart Data. Thus, the behavior of the user will be extremely important, especially in the future.

09.10 Uhr:

Susanne Pilz takes a look into the past, when banners were still sent by fax. Do we feel a touch of nostalgia?
Nonetheless, we are glad that Real Time Bidding (a kind of Ebay marketplace for banner ad placements) is making life easier for us marketers nowadays.
Long live the progress!

09.12 AM:

Our event is the victim of a vandal. A passing dog has decided, without further warning, to raze a banner of the Nuremberg Digital Festival in front of the entrance. Apparently, he isn’t a fan of digitalization…

09:15 Uhr:

I draw the audience joker!
Susanne Pilz would like to know which social platform has priority for our guests.
After the listeners typed their answer into the smartphone in an old “Who wants to Be a Millionaire?”-manner, we see the clear result on the screen: Facebook leads the field with 38%, followed by Instagram.

09.20 AM:

There must be a villain in every story. In our case it is GDPR – the horror of all online marketers! And it also brings its right hand, the ePrivacy regulation.
Brace yourselves, 2019 is coming!

09.23 AM:

Nobody wants a story without a happy ending. That’s why Susanne Pilz ends the talk with the hottest digital trends like 5G technology in mobile communications or the impressive 360 degree ads.

09.26 AM:

After discussing the buzzwords entered by the audience at the beginning of the presentation, Susanne Pilz also answers questions about various subjects such as chatbots, whatsapp advertising, lookalike targeting and social media analysis tools in a joint discussion.
After a bit of networking and eating the rest of the buffet, it is now a good opportunity to ask the audience how they liked the presentation:

“I learned a lot of new things today. I found the lecture very interesting and understandable for laymen.”

“At the university, I took subjects such as content marketing and storytelling. For me, Instagram is number one, so I found it exciting to hear that Facebook may still be the leader in the social space.”

2018-11-02T10:20:05+01:0017. October 2018|Blog|

„There is nothing that Excel can’t do“

Data freak Susanne Siegert’s interview at ad pepper

Susanne Siegert is part of ad pepper for a year now already. At the moment, her focus is in the department of account management – customer service – specialized on data management.

Data, Big Data, Smart Data, Analyst, Account Management

Excel, of course!



How would you describe your daily work?

You can’t generally say that a day is structured in a certain way, because it differs all the time. I check the running campaigns every morning, in order to start the so-called monitoring. This means that I check how many impressions, how many clicks, engagements, conversions and so on we have generated. Afterwards, I talk to my team about how we can optimize the campaigns. You could say I’m looking through the customer’s eyes, always having their goals in mind.

You seem to be in your element talking about your work. How do you like it so far at ad pepper?

The tasks are very interesting and varying. The team is young, very cool and funny. My first months here were really good. I have never integrated into a team so quickly.

What do you think, where will your journey at ad pepper lead you?

My goal? Well, I think here at ad pepper everything is possible. Everything you are keen on learning about the digital world. At the moment, I still try to work step by step and concentrate on accomplishing smaller goals by myself. I don’t specifically plan ahead, but I want to stay here for a long time.

How much potential do you see for the job as a data analyst?

There is a lot of potential for this profession, especially when analyzing data with the right tools. I think the ability to work with data in general is helpful and necessary in any job. That’s why this field is very promising for the future. Nowadays, data is everywhere and it has to be analyzed. That’s the main task of a data analyst.

At the moment, you’re responsible for the data analysis at ad pepper – which skills do you need for that?

Basically, it’s important that you like numbers and that you are able to work with them. The most important thing obviously is not just the ability to analyze the data, but to interpret the most important information and develop proposals for action for the customer.

You mentioned that using the right tools is important for analyzing data. What do you prefer personally: PowerPoint or Excel?

Excel of course! There is nothing that Excel can’t do. It can really do anything. I’m also using it in my private life, for example for planning parties and holidays. Furthermore, private budgets are easy and efficient to structure in Excel.

That’s unusual. Most people are afraid of using Excel.

That is only because they don’t understand Excel. If I would show them what the tool is capable of, I’m sure it would thrill them. I already convinced my ad pepper colleagues Sabine and Annika.

Originally you come from a market research background. Now you’re working in online marketing. What’s the main difference when working with data?

Definitely the speed. In market research you usually have to wait for a few days, or even a few weeks until the surveys have been finished and the data has been generated. It just takes more time. Here at ad pepper, I am able to see results in real time – immediately after the campaign has been launched. The data is available very quickly, since it is compiled by ad servers.

Which challenges have you been confronted with in online marketing so far?

At the beginning, everything was very new for me – especially the vocabulary. I did not know what a DSP, DMP or Real Time Bidding were – just to name a few. It is like learning a new language. Therefore, I created a glossary and now I study my vocabulary every night (laughs).   

Which areas would you especially like to explore even more?

I would love to dive deeper into data analysis and specialize in that field. It would be cool if I had certain data available just at the push of a button. The online world is developing so fast, that you can’t really estimate how everything is going to work in five or six years from now. You should never stay at the same state of knowledge.

When is a working day in your analytical ad pepper data world successfully completed?

It’s successfully completed, when my to-do list is worked off – or at least if it became shorter… as the list always grows day by day. But every day, I work on optimizing at least one thing, in order to satisfy our customers and to achieve the best result possible.

Susanne Siegert interviewed by Tyra Webster

2018-09-20T09:43:33+02:005. September 2018|Blog|

Peppers on tour – spreading the hotness

With our three hot peppers in the bag, we always leave a good impression – no matter if we are at the Online Marketing Rockstars or the Football Agency Cup. Of course, the peppers are also touring the world during their holidays. Have a look at a few chapters of our extra hot travel diary…

London Peppers, Chili, UK

Welcome to the United Pepper-Kingdom! In London, our hot peppers attracted even more attention than the typical red London buses. Of course we didn’t want to ruin the local tourist industry, so we only stayed for a weekend. 😉

Gulasch, Langos, Budapest, Tour, ad pepper media, Chili

Next stop: Budapest. Our mission was to spice up all the delicious, traditional Hungarian dishes. No matter if it is langós or goulash – everything tastes better with pepper! This is why you can even find pepper kitchen decoration in Budapest.

Sizilien, Urlaub, Koffer, ad pepper media, Chili, Strand

After England and Hungary, it was time to see the sea! You can’t do a world tour without visiting some sunny beaches – so off we went to Sicily! Part of our luggage was our Cool-Tour-Bag with sunglasses, water pouch, temporary tattoos and plaster (Just in case).

Südafrika, Afrika, Pepper World Tour, Reise

Of course we didn’t just hang out in Europe. Our journey even took us all the way to South Africa. But caution: Walking through the stone desert for 5 hours in the heat almost turned our tour into to(u)rture! But ain’t no mountain high enough to keep us from getting to the top. – Not only in the online industry!

Indien, Reisen, Pfeffer, Gewürze, Tour

Indians are famous for being a little more on the spicy side. No wonder that this Indian market was full of fresh peppers in all shapes and sizes.

Chili, Schoten, Vietnam

At the end of our journey, we met someone very special in Vietnam. May we introduce: The mother of all peppers! The oldest chili saleswoman in the world proudly shows her ad pepper postcard. If she ever needs some help in online marketing for her shop, she knows who to call.

We came back to beautiful Franconia with lots of new impressions. Nonetheless, our tour bus won’t be parked for long. In a couple of weeks, we will pack the Cool-Tour-bags and suitcases again: From 12-13 September 2018, the DMEXCO will take place in Cologne. At the event, all the important and innovative contacts of the digital and marketing industry come together. Of course, awesome parties like the Performance Night and the OMClub are obligatory stops on our tour. As a sponsor, we will experience everything from up-close!

2018-08-24T12:15:48+02:0026. August 2018|Blog|

ad pepper media Kicks Off the New Year with a Growth Spurt

Nuremberg, Germany/Amsterdam, Netherlands, 26 April 2018.

The ad pepper media business unit recently reported dynamic growth of 30 percent in the past business year. According to the latest figures for the first three months of the current business year (2018), this growth rate has greatly further increased by another 58 percent. The Managing Directors leading teams in Spain and the DACH region achieved turnover of around €2.5 million for the quarter, which corresponds to a third of the turnover achieved for the entire preceding business year. As such, the ad pepper media business unit is making a great contribution to the positive development of the Group as a whole (ad pepper media International N.V.).

Alongside existing customers such as Telefónica, Orange, Vodafone, Direct Line, and Anesvad, ad pepper media has won a large number of new customers around the world, such as BAUR and the non-profit-organisation SOS Children’s Villages. Moreover, the products introduced in 2017, particularly Performance Display Advertising (PDA), have continued to develop in a very positive way. Susanne Pilz, who took over as Managing Director of the DACH region last year, did a great deal to promote this product innovation.

She says: “PDA provides our customers with user-optimized targeting in display ads. This allows display advertising to be customized to an even greater extent.”

Performance Display Advertising combines the reach of classic display campaigns with ad pepper media’s consulting expertise based on many years of experience in the area of success-based advertising.

“Product innovations such as Performance Display Advertising let us help our customers increase their revenue and win new customers. They also allow us to position ourselves as a complete service provider that works together with our customers to develop new strategies for successful online marketing measures,” says Dr. Jens Körner, CEO of ad pepper media Group, which is listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

About ad pepper media

ad pepper media is a leading international performance marketing company that specialises in lead generation and target group orientation. The company designs and implements interactive online advertisements aimed at reaching target groups around the world.

It creates cutting-edge marketing solutions to help advertisers and agencies gain the most from their product and advertising strategies. As a full-service provider for advertisers and websites, ad pepper media offers a complete range of online marketing tools and services, encompassing everything from campaign management to reporting. In-house developments enable the team at ad pepper media to launch regional, national and international campaigns aimed at specific audiences, and take advantage of efficient next-generation advertising formats. Over a period of 18 years, the company has managed over 30,000 highly successful online campaigns in more than 50 countries.

Media contact:
Bianca Höflinger
ad pepper media GmbH
+49 911 929057-141

2018-04-25T16:18:39+02:0026. April 2018|Presse|

The B2B offensive with Vauxall Motors

How iProspect and ad pepper media were able to push the B2B sales of Vauxhall Motors.

It is an art of it’s own to motivate customers to buy a brand new car. But to equip a whole company with a huge amount of company cars you need more than negotiation skills. B2B customers don’t just walk into the next car dealership in search of a new car – they inform themselves on the internet about fitting models and deals.

This leads to the following quest for iProspect and ad pepper media: a B2B-campaign for the German car company Vauxhall Motors, to generate hot leads for the B2B sales department. By using a performance oriented display campaign iProspect and ad pepper media generated a total of 700 concrete B2B offer requests. Especially the long lasting preperations beforehand had been an important success factor.

A detailed profiling was the foundation of our campaign planning. Therefore a tracking was implemented on the goal-URL of Vauxhall Motors, which gave us the neccessary data about the relevant target group.

The longtime experience of iProspect in this area helped a lot in terms of defining the very concrete and detailed target group. As the campaign went on, iProspect even delivered creatives that were individually designed for the target group and programmed the specific micro pages.

With this method we optimized the B2B campaign not only on website placements, but additionaly on users while considering their surf- and information-behavior relating to topics within the vertical.

„This is the royal discipline of online campaign modulation.“, says Susanne Pilz – Managing Director of ad pepper media. This is due to the fact that it’s not about optimizing the overall reach of the campaign, but the impact within a specific – very narrowly defined – surrounding.

Online Marketing

André Mettken, Director Performance Marketing at iProspect is also very pleased with the cooperation. „The requirements of our Vauxhall Motors B2B campaign were transcribed to our complete contentement by ad pepper media. The focus of the campaign was on B2B lead generation, clearly separated from classic B2C measures.“

Future cooperations between iProspect and ad pepper media will continue to extend the boarders of online marketing. We are looking forward to new challenges that we will master together!

2018-05-09T16:19:31+02:004. April 2018|Blog|

Campaign Manager (m/w)

Zur Verstärkung unseres Teams in Nürnberg. Zum nächstmöglichen Zeitpunkt.


Ihr Aufgabenbereich:

  • Eigenverantwortliche Betreuung des Set-ups, Optimierung und Reporting von Online Werbekampagnen in verschiedenen Systemen (DSP/Adserver/SSP)
  • Erstellung ganzheitlicher Tracking Konzepte (Touchpoints), auf deren Datenbasis die erfolgreiche Aussteuerung und Optimierung der verschiedenen Online Marketing Strategien erfolgt
  • Enge Zusammenarbeit mit den Kollegen aus dem Account-Management (Kundenbetreuung), dem Media-Management (Planung) und der Grafik
  • Sie sind ein Team-Player in einem professionellen Team und unterstützen die Kollegen beim technischen Support im Bereich Kampagnen Management

Unsere Anforderungen:

  • Erfahrung mit Adservern und/oder DSP
  • Zahlen und Statistiken machen Ihnen keine Angst
  • Internetaffinität sowie Kenntnisse webbasierter Programmiersprachen wie HTML, Java Script, jQuery und CSS
  • Engagierte, eigenständige und zuverlässige Arbeitsweise
  • Analytische Denkansätze, Qualitätsbewusstsein, Engagement und Eigeninitiative.
  • Sicherer Umgang mit MS Office
  • Gute Englischkenntnisse in Wort und Schrift sind von Vorteil


Wir bieten Ihnen ein Umfeld, in dem Sie Ihr Engagement nutzen können, um etwas zu bewegen und eigene Ideen zu verwirklichen. Wir freuen uns darauf, Sie kennen zu lernen! Senden Sie uns bitte Ihre vollständigen Bewerbungsunterlagen mit Angabe Ihrer Gehaltsvorstellung und Ihrem frühestmöglichen Eintrittstermin an Frau Susanne Pilz, spilz@adpepper.com.


Lebenslauf per Mail
2018-03-29T12:02:05+02:0029. March 2018|Karriere|

Pepper Travelogue of ITB Berlin

ITB Berlin – around the world in one day

06:40 AM:

Our three peppers have already explored a lot of places, even though the year is still young.

The experiences in Berlin at the worlds biggest tourism expo had been a kind of fast motion world tour. Why did we even attend ITB as online advertisers? Because of our clients in the tourism industry – for which we successfully deliver campaigns for years already.

Here is the very personal travelogue of our sales mangager Selma:

11:00 AM:

Let’s go – we arrived and we are looking forward to a lot of inspirations and opportunities to make new contacts. The ITB allows us to travel all around the world within a few hours. That way we are able to visit regular clients as well as potential new clients – whose offices are usually spread out all over the world – at one location.

11:30 AM:

After a mind-boggling gate to the „tourism world“ we start where we feel homegrown – in Bavaria! Our homeland never lets us go and the digital world even less – we feel perfectly comfortable here.

Within the Bavaria Digital-Hall visitors get the chance to have a picture of them taken with an eagle and the „National Park Berchtesgarden“ in the background.

01:00 PM:

We leave our well-known terrain and start our trip to Asia. On the way we utilize the time for some interesting client appointments. With Asian music in the background we are able to relax for a bit. We really have the feeling to be in Asia, as we can smell all kinds of different culinary scents. We smell ginger, coriander, chili and other spices, while travelling from one country (appointment) to another. But our tour is not over yet, we want to continue our journey around the world… next stop Latin America!

02:30 PM:

Costa Rica: The tropical climate, the extraordinary plants in all kinds of coloration, this country is a must see! Of course the color „pepper red“ sparks our very most interest.

04:00 PM:

Now it’s time to head across the atlantic ocean to Africa. Characteristic masks and traditional dances bring us closer to African culture and spark wanderlust. In between our travels and the countless impressions we experienced intriguing lectures by National Geographic Partners and Digitaleffects as well as very successful appointments. The digital world continues to move and so do we.

05:30 PM:

Our last stop is the middle eastern world with its famous oriental hospitality. Our senior account manager Sebastian didn’t miss out on the opportunity to dress up as a bedouin for once. I spiced up the picture, even though our peppers were not quite as fresh as in the beginning.

06:00 PM:

And you won’t believe who we met at ITB! After 6 months I’m happy to meet the pepper robot again. He also seems very pleased about the reunion and wishes us a good rest of our world tour.

06:30 PM:

A long but very informative day comes to an end… We’re leaving with a lot of impressions and inspirations. Thanks a lot to ITB Berlin for the great expo!

For privacy reasons YouTube needs your permission to be loaded.
I Accept
2018-04-25T17:37:49+02:0013. March 2018|Blog|

SOS – Rescue of the newsletter

The very easy to use template by ad pepper media

ad pepper media has completely renewed the worldwide newsletter layout for the SOS Children’s Villages. The focus thereby was not only on the design but it was mainly important to master the technical challenges that came along.

First, the ad pepper media graphic designer team took care of the worldwide monthly published newsletter of SOS Children’s Villages. Therefore a standardized look relating to the corporate design and content was created.

Despite the standardization of the layout, the possibility of a flexible design should still exist. This is due to the fact that unlike in other companies the newsletters of SOS Children´s Villages are created and filled in individually by reporters all over the world. The solution for the very specific request was a modular based template, that was adaptable to individual purposes.

The ad pepper media developer team had to pay attention to the fact that the reporters were not neccessarily familiar with mailing solution systems. This means that even reporters without great technical experience had to be able to use the template efficiently on their own.

Through simple „copy & paste“ the reporters were able to implement a different header picture. All they had to do is upload it to the database and replace it. Furthermore the reporters were able to replace the buttons on their own, to fade in or -out whole areas and also to define, which newsletters were visible for certain target groups. This leads to a very individual newsletter, that still follows a standardized look relating to corporate guidelines.

The devices of the newsletter subscribers may be just as individual as the newsletter of SOS Children’s Villages. The readers may be reached using a PC, tablet or even a smartphone. This lead to a Full-Responsive-Design of the newsletter, which was programmed and tested by ad pepper media. The whole process of sending the newsletter to different mail clients (desktop & web) on all potential devices was thereby scrutinized in order to ensure a perfect workability.

„The expectations for our new block based newsletter template were realized to our complete contentement. The focus of the re-design was perfectly ensured by a clearly stuctured template, which convinces with easy workability and optimal resolution on all devices.“ – Sebastian Spaleck, SOS Children’s Villages, Lead Digital.

But that was not the end of the full-service experience provided by ad pepper media. As a final service the developer team implemented the modular based template into the marketing platform used by SOS Children’s Villages – emarsys. The template was tested again and finishing corrections were made. This final procedure led to a fully functional, flexible and handy template, that could be applied in subscriber communications worldwide.

2018-04-19T14:11:08+02:0023. January 2018|Blog|

Media Manager (m/w)

Zur Verstärkung unseres Teams in Nürnberg. Zum nächstmöglichen Zeitpunkt.


Ihr Aufgabenbereich:

  • Eigenverantwortliche Konzeption und Erstellung von Mediaplänen für Display und Performance Kampagnen
  • Verantwortung von Mediabudgets und Übernahme von Umsatz- und Ergebnisverantwortung
  • Eigenständige Kampagnen-Kalkulation und kampagnenbasierte Verhandlungen mit Publisher und Dienstleistern
  • Planung, Steuerung, Optimierung und Auswertungen von ganzheitlichen Online Marketing Strategien
  • Betreuung der bestehenden Geschäftsbeziehungen sowie Inventarerweiterung durch die Gewinnung von neuen Vermarktungspartnern
  • Marktbeobachtung und -analyse zur Entwicklung neuer Geschäftsmodelle

Unsere Anforderungen:

  • Erfolgreich abgeschlossene Ausbildung im Bereich Marketing/Kommunikation
  • Erste praktische Berufserfahrungen in einer Mediaagentur oder bei einem Werbevermarkter sind von Vorteil
  • Ausgeprägtes Zahlenverständnis sowie sehr gute analytische Fähigkeiten
  • Selbstständige und sorgfältige Arbeitsweise
  • Ausgeprägte Kommunikationsfähigkeit und Verhandlungsgeschick sowie Spaß am Networken
  • Sicherer Umgang mit MS Office
  • Gute Englischkenntnisse in Wort und Schrift sind von Vorteil

Wir bieten Ihnen ein Umfeld, in dem Sie Ihr Engagement nutzen können, um etwas zu bewegen und eigene Ideen zu verwirklichen. Wir freuen uns darauf, Sie kennen zu lernen! Senden Sie uns bitte Ihre vollständigen Bewerbungsunterlagen mit Angabe Ihrer Gehaltsvorstellung und Ihrem frühestmöglichen Eintrittstermin an Frau Susanne Pilz, spilz@adpepper.com.

Lebenslauf per Mail
2017-10-18T10:27:13+02:0018. October 2017|Careers, Karriere|