Nuremberg, 12 September 2017

The Nuremberg-based performance marketing agency is reinforcing its Executive Board with the appointment of new Managing Director Susanne Pilz. Pilz will be in charge of overseeing the ongoing strategic and operative development of the company and making further inroads into the German-speaking market.

Susanne Pilz has worked at ad pepper media since 2003 and was essential to the development of the Group’s performance division. She has occupied many roles in her time at the company, most prominently as Head of Performance. In this capacity, Pilz served as the strategic contact for lead generation, content marketing and performance display advertising for many years.

‘In my new position as Managing Director, I will strive to continue to keep ad pepper media GmbH firmly on the road to success,’ states Susanne Pilz. ‘My plan is to continue to develop the innovative products that enable our customers to set themselves up successfully for the long term in today’s digital economy.’ The 40-year-old believes that there is great potential to be exploited from in-house developments, which should in turn positively influence the growth of the Group as a whole.

‘Susanne Pilz was our dream candidate for this position. As an added advantage, she actually started her career with us,’ states Dr Jens Körner, CEO of the listed ad pepper media Group. ‘Her in-depth understanding of the industry and long-term experience at the company will stand her in good stead as we bring the many projects on ad pepper media’s books to fruition.’

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About ad pepper media

ad pepper media is a leading international performance marketing company that specialises in lead generation and target group orientation. The company designs and implements interactive online advertisements aimed at reaching target groups around the world.

It creates cutting-edge marketing solutions to help advertisers and agencies gain the most from their product and advertising strategies. As a full-service provider for advertisers and websites, ad pepper media offers a complete range of online marketing tools and services, encompassing everything from campaign management to reporting. In-house developments enable the team at ad pepper media to launch regional, national and international campaigns aimed at specific audiences, and take advantage of efficient next-generation advertising formats. Over a period of 18 years, the company has managed over 30,000 highly successful online campaigns in more than 50 countries.

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