Managing Director Susanne Pilz about her new task at the Nuremberg Marketing Club

There is a reason why our last two blog articles deal with various social media events in Nuremberg: From now on ad pepper media will take care of the appearance of the Marketing Club Nürnberg e.V. social media accounts. That’s why I’ve updated our team once again.

The Marketing Club was founded in 1961; 300 members have joined the association since then. Ad pepper media has been a member for two years. Just like the other marketing executives from the metropolitan region, we appreciate the exchange of experience at the association’s events.

We want to spread that into the world. That’s why we feel honored to be able to inform the social media community about our city’s marketing club in the future.

Networking of course takes place online in 2018, so as an online marketing specialist we are not the worst choice – or as they say in Franconia: bassd scho.

Therefore at this point our call:

Dear Marketers of the region,

tell us about your success stories, events and also awards. This enables us to feed the social media channels of the marketing club with first hand information.

The club and its community can only grow with your reports, your experience and your pictures. Send us your material, so we can publish posts about the interesting marketing region of Franconia.

Your contact person is Alina Schön.

Thanks a lot in advance – we are happy for this new task with and for you!